Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building Santa Clara University

DesignerForm4 Architecture
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

With its roots in the past, this new Santa Clara University Arts and Art History building projects its faculty, students, and staff into the future. Tradition and innovation are blended into a confident scheme where art is produced, reflected upon, recorded, and narrated. Firmly earthbound, its linear massing rests serenely on the southeast edge of the block along Franklin Street on the campus map. Its stylistic setting is markedly historical and cohesive in the consistency of that esthetic reference, with a recognizable palette of building elements. A noted architectural historian once said that buildings have an esthetic effect and an evocative effect. From there, strong emotional responses ensue and a shared sense of place comes into being. Those larger aspirations fed the intent behind this design.

About Designer

We believe architecture is the art of giving form to ideas. At Form4 Architecture, we strive to create architecture that is rational, empowering, and dynamic. We embrace collaboration and teamwork as the cornerstones of success, and we believe in designing welcoming environments that are fundamentally sustainable and accessible. As collaborative partners in the design process, our principals personally lead every project from concept to completion, bringing the collective wealth of years of expertise and knowledge to each client’s vision.