CompanySavannah College of Art and Design
ClientMatthew Yam
Prize1st Place in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

This project was inspired by the 5 elements in Chinese philosophy which states that everything, including positive chi, is made up of some combination of Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal. This Community Center will create a space for the people of China to be able to gather together in support of each other, attempting to become like the 5 elements: essential components which thrive when together. This environmental friendly building demonstrates the way I envision contemporary architecture existing harmoniously within its environment. I want people to experience the community center as having a harmonious relationship between building and nature rather than as an object standing detached from its environment. Just as in the Chinese philosophy, the 5 elements are used in combination as various building materials throughout the project: water (zhu garden), wood (bamboo facade), metal (man-made materials), fire (nature light), and earth (landscape design).