Rejuvenate Savannah

UniversitySavannah College of Art and Design
Lead Designer
ClientRachel Watkins
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Rejuvenate Savannah is a proposal for a multi-
functional 5,000 square foot adaptive reuse project
located at 660 E Broughton St, directly on the edge of
Savannah’s historic district. In collaboration with the
urban farm companies Sea Island’s Local Outlet (SILO)
and Freight Farms, as well as the juice company
Savannah Squeeze and the Healthy Savannah initiative,
this project was designed as an experiential retail
space that encourages the community of Savannah to
embrace healthy living practices and overall
sustainable lifestyles. Along with the core retail spaces
for these companies, Rejuvenate Savannah features an
area for delivery pick-ups, a juice bar, outdoor and
indoor lounge spaces, a children’s play area, a cooking
class space, an arts space, and other workshop spaces,
all designed with the purpose of providing the
community with an all-encompassing retail experience
that fosters creativity and growth.