Bloom Market

CompanySavannah College of Art and Design
ClientEmmalee Graybill
DesignerEmmalee Graybill
Prize2nd Place in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

Bloom Market is a farmer’s market and community center based in Savannah, GA. On the site of a historic iron works factory, the project incorporates the past with new technologies to create an environment in which to learn and grow. The concept for this project is the phases of a dandelion. Intake, the first phase of yellow bloom, is represented in the areas that focus on individual well-being. The market that sells organic produce from local sources and the Leafy Green Machine by Freight Farms, which grows produce on- site gives outlets for healthy eating and education. The second phase, when seeds are produced and increase occurs, represents the aspects of the design that encourage growth within the community. By offering after-school art classes for children and healthy eating workshops, this project allows change to spread out into the community and affect others outside the project.