Jazz History Museum & Train Station

CompanySavannah College of Art and Design
ClientJonah Hudy
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Savannah is a city full of rich history and culture. From the squares to the buildings, the city has closely tied its presence to the world with its past. However, after the demolition of the Old Union Station, Savannah has never been the same. The city has become fractured into smaller fragments. Although in pieces now, jazz music can patch the city back together and unify the people similar to how the Old Union Station used to. Even though it has become a forgotten part of history, jazz has always been important to our culture and can bring people together. The Annual Savannah Jazz Festival is proof that jazz is still a core part of the city’s culture, and by reviving the Old Union Station through jazz, the people will become unified even more than we were in the past.