The Hidden Garden

DesignerYung Interior Design Group, CHE-YUNG CHUANG
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

When naturalistic integrate with space, it is a performance of beauty, a kind of philosophy of modern design. In the “The Peach Colony” by Tao Yuan Ming, it describes a beautiful scene, and this became the blueprint of this case. Walk along the corridor, a big rectangular light box appears right on top of the counter desk from the ceiling. When light mimicking on the wall, you will feel like walking in the mountain. Enter to the audiovisual space, a dividing line on the wall form a geometric shape. There are no much decorations on the ceiling and field, forming a stable and introverted space. Black steel constitutes a simple geometric shape, creating a bright and high quality space. The design shows up the scene which infuses naturalistic into the space. The clam presentation make the fields connect with each other, create a comfortable and quite space, and bring in humanity.