CompanySavannah College of Art and Design
ClientKenneth Macalino
DesignerKenneth Macalino
Prize2nd Place in Transportation / Auto/Truck/Mobile Home
Entry Description

Roll'up is a futuristic food truck concept that emerges from developments in manufacturing, sustainability, and equipment minimalism. Roll'up has a large window in the back that reveals the gallery-style kitchen and allows customers to watch their food being made while creating a more refreshing work atmosphere for the chef. The truck's interior is designed to be more ergonomic with a wider walk path that mitigates accidents in addition to properly scaled counters that consider the chef's arm span and overall comfort. A rail system is incorporated in the steel structure that allows the food truck to expand and reveal an additional bar. This along with mountable bars on the side returns crucial restaurant aspects to the food truck experience. Roll'up meets manufacturing guidelines while making use of sustainable materials like recycled aluminum and up biocomposites. This all culminates in a vitalized food truck experience ready to serve high-quality Japanese- Mexican cuisine.