DesignerEmiliano Pinnizzotto - Graffiti
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GRAFIC ART DESIGNER - GRAPHIC COVER: Emiliano Pinnizzotto OF THE PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK:“SHAPE VOLUME TEXTURE COLOUR” - AA.VV. – Publishing House GraffitiShape, volume, texture, color. The 187 black-and-white and color photographs speak about that in the book published by Graffiti. Thirtythree authors have faced These visual elements. The most important of an image. It Has Been a difficult exercise, both in the images of architecture and landscape or in Those of research, to look for and recreate the photograph in the balance and the proportion in the relations among the subjects present in the scene, to put them in a right relation considering Their physical location, lights, shadows, color or in the absence of it. A That complexity can create subjection. An approach asking for a research and a reflection by the photographer, leading him to stop and think before snapping, making it difficult apparently blackberries. On the contrary, it is a way to learn to Catch That fleeting moment in cui shapes, contents and feelings meet in a balance That We must learn to see.