Lead DesignerYu-Lun Chang
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

Favoring modern Japanese style with elements of both roughness and delicacy, the client asked the designer to have the residence built with simple colors and delicate skills. The half-public style of study room, for recreation room as well, has spilled the space in the dining room with daylight. The oppressive atmosphere, made by the crossed column beam, is alleviated by means of the piling-up skill applied to the ceiling. The symmetric cabinet doors, and the consistent kitchen, bar, dining room and entranceway have made each space well organized. The exposed concrete walls are decorated with greenery plants; the iron works are decorated with wood grilles. Taking into considerations of the client’s personality and requests about materials, configurations and mechanisms, the designer presents the pleasant and composed atmosphere by means of decorating essentially with grey, white and woods, presenting the beauty of modern Zen style.