Packaging Omdesign 2016

ClientDiogo Gama
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

This sustainable self-promotion packaging in the shape of an acorn, the seed of our commitment to the future, packaged 2 Portuguese icons – Port Wine and Cork – and mark the year the company was founded (98) and also commemorate the 89 awards received in 2016. Produced from wood and cork, with no recourse to oil derivatives, the base is a cork agglomerate monoblock, where the seed (acorn) is kept and we laid down the challenge to reuse this packaging and to plant the more than 200 cork oaks we offered, whose contribute to the conservation of the cork oak forest, “the lungs of the Mediterranean”, conservation of biodiversity and the retention of 14 million tonnes of CO2 per year. As is the tradition in Portugal, let us make a toast with an LBV 2012 Port, with an original label that has a pocket containing instructions for planting the cork oak.

About Designer

Established in 1998, Omdesign is a Portuguese design and advertising agency that works on a daily basis for clients and partners that honour us with their patronage and loyalty. The strong relationships we have built over 20 years are result of the dedication and the unique way we embrace each project, always offering innovative and highly effective solutions. At Omdesign, we work with leading companies worldwide in different industries such as beverages, wines, food, FMCG, tourism, among others. The agency is recognised nationally and internationally for the excellence of its work.