Cradle of forest

Lead DesignerAtsuhito Kitora
Prize(s)2nd Place in Design For Society / Eco-Sustainable Design
Entry Description

Cradle of forest can bring authentic nature instead of pseudo nature into their daily life, and it can be carried over into the future. This good work is based on their hope which a desire to bring environmental issues closer to them, although they tend to view the issues on a global scale. It is hoped that companies aiming to comply with Paris Agreement, a new international treaty aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, will actively use Cradle of forest.
The warmth of the natural forest will become the medium of communication. Cradle of forest tells the world preserving our environment, nurturing all living creatures is essential. Incorporating nature's cycle into our daily lives, establishing a system gentle to the global environment is our goal.


I believe that design is not apprehended by added value or reference matter, but bedrock of business strategy. All contents including branding, products develop, and website must be revised; above that, design should be planned throughout the whole department, or else we cannot keep winning in the aggravated business society. Design should be apprehended as the significant element of the administrative strategy; the value revealed through the process of brand-building does not only illuminate the vision of management, but also becomes an important element to narrow down the direction of the brand itself. To have the idea of “design” in small letters rather than “DESIGN” in letters is important. Design will be accepted throughout the world, by fusing business with “design”, not with a subsistent which becomes special above all things. I have realized that “design has the power to alternate all parts of our life”, and to constantly think of a design that can improve people’s lives.