Dragons Range

DesignerMon Deco
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The windows which bring the green outdoor natural tree landscape into the rooms, making it like part of the aspect of the home and letting people feel comfortable both mentally and physically. Designers abandon the resignation of the usual luxury-style approach , with the overall luminous atmosphere and visual appearance of the space, the modification of the proportions, views, detailing, and natural light are all sophisticatedly studied in the design. As such, notions of comfort and intimacy are naturally propagated from the decorative aspects of structure, design, fixtures and fittings, it letting the owner family’s member enjoy the harmonies, sense of natural flavor, convenient and comfortable living environment which given by the designer.

About Designer

Mon Deco was found by Leo Yeung in 2004, we mainly focuses on residences, show-flat, corporate and hospitality design, also take pride in modern classic design and manufacturing expertise, specialize in project management, space planning from the initial concept to variety of environment. The talented design team always bring out the significant, comprehensive and diverse collection of ideas. In view of distinguishing characteristic of the place to offer unique planning as well as meticulous detailing, to meet with customer's need.