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Novamara - An African Apocalypse

Lead DesignersValerie Amani
Prize(s)Silver in Ethnic Clothing / Africa Clothing
Entry Description

The story of Novamara is both a fictional interpretation of the end of the world and an artistic reminder that diversity should be celebrated, societies need to work together and we are all responsible in taking care of our earth. We strive to find the answer to the question “what is your role?”. Every outfit representing a member of a new society, that places responsibility on each individual.

Novamara aims to question the views on “African fashion”, and to explore lines, shapes, and colors past “African print”. The continent is a combustion of culture, inspiration and an array of traditional fabrics, some exclusive to culture and country.

Kahvarah, as a brand, aims to tell stories through the use of fashion imagery. Clothing is an important part of our modern daily narrative; it is a reflection of who we are and can be used to say what we often cannot verbalize.