360fly 4K | H

Lead DesignerClaudio Ribeiro
Prize(s)3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Bicycle and bicycle accessories
Entry Description

The 360fly 4K | H is unlike any other camera, capturing everything all around you in stunning clarity; while harmonizing with riders in their environment. Our camera sits flush into its setting, like a helmet or as a body cam. Which means users can focus on what they love/need. More than just video and audio capture, camera also provides intelligent safety features. As the camera’s software recognizes objects within the surrounding 360° world, and is able to interpret this information and relay smart alerts to riders/users on possible dangers surrounding them. Camera can also overlay user’s telemetric data from their smartwatch or any other Bluetooth device, right onto their video. Through the app, user simply checks which contextual statistics are meaningful, such as speed, lap time, heartbeat, etc; and post directly to social media. This is bigger than just a camera—it’s about getting more out of the moments that are yours.