Octane Fitness® Zero Runner® ZR8

CompanyNautilus, Inc.’s Octane Fitness brand
ClientMatt Goulet
DesignerMatt Goulet
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The first zero-impact running machine, the Octane Fitness® Zero Runner® ZR8 is unprecedented in replicating natural walking, jogging and running motion while eliminating stressful, repetitive impact. Combining the best of a treadmill and elliptical, the ZR8 is equipped with independent hip and knee joints so users can customize their stride – up to 58 inches – and use a full heel kick to activate the posterior leg and hip muscles, just like they do outside. Now exercisers of all ability levels can participate in a highly effective activity without excessive pounding on the body. Users can monitor and adjust their form throughout workouts with unique stride tracing technology. The exclusive CROSS CiRCUIT® program combines cardio intervals with strength and flexibility exercises, and the SmartLink™ app creates customized 30-60-90-day training plans. Enabling virtually anyone to run, the ZR8 is a valuable training option for exercisers, fitness walkers, aspiring joggers, aging and injured runners.

About Designer

Headquartered in Vancouver, Wash., Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS) is a global fitness solutions company that believes everyone deserves a fit and healthy life. With a brand portfolio including Bowflex®, Nautilus®, Octane Fitness®, Schwinn® and Universal®, Nautilus, Inc. develops innovative products to support healthy living through direct and retail channels as well as in commercial channels with Octane Fitness® products.