W Hotel Santa Fe

CompanyKrause Sawyer Inc.
ClientKrause Sawyer
DesignerKrause Sawyer
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Entry Description

The arrival is designed as a “tunnel” with forced perspective to the Livingroom through the use of lighting and angled fins in reflective metals. The stacked, gilded reception area is inspired by the formation of stalactite and stalagmites. Soft edges and blurred boundaries welcome you into the purposefully compressed space. The bar is a beacon of light, housing a private VIP room. An installation over the main seating appears to move and change as guests move through the space. The Living Room was comprised of a series of cubes that frame the space. Guestrooms are minimally designed reflecting the soft edges and blurred boundaries through reflective surfaces and translucent materials. Reflecting the public space, the shower becomes the final ultimate cube. Large glass sliding doors to the sleeping area provide privacy and lighting transforms the room from day to night, with effects of TV and lighting hidden behind glass panels.