Anhedral Tables

ClientJessica Corr
DesignerJessica Corr
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series began with an exploration of minor gestures in material properties which transform them visually and structurally.  A simple curve or fold in a sheet of paper can strengthen it substantially.  This concept was the starting point for the series of Anhedral tables which offer a playful group of tables that add colorful accents to contemporary or traditional settings.  The forms were inspired by looking at Aeronautics and the angles of bird’s wings as they take flight.  The name Anhedral means “downward inclination of an aircraft's wing”.  Adding a curve along an angle to a thin sheet of metal creates a geometry that becomes rigid and structural.  Keeping the lines minimal was key to appreciating the sculptural surface quality and allowing light to cascade along the curves and edges.  While the colors are bright and optimistic, the overall form is complimentary to classic proportions.