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The idea comes from the branches of the trees. This product not only features its form of the branches, but by its shadows also pours the atmosphere of the woods into the surroundings, thus bringing naturalistic aesthetics into modern life. It is composed of the base (power supply) and the branches (LED source), which are connected by the magnetic force and therefore easy to dispart and rotate freely. Both the base and the branches have geometric marks, as the reference of rotational maneuvers. The users could choose the type of the base according to their requirements of the lighting. Different types of the bases connect to different numbers of the branches. To meet the needs of the users, this product could be used as a ceiling light or a standing light. Because the branches are designed as modules, they have great potential to be produced on a larger scale in the future.

About Designer

I come from Taiwan. And I study in the Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of the Oriental Institute of Technology. Email