UniversityNational Taiwan University of Arts
Lead DesignerLee,Po-Te
Prize(s)2nd Place in Accessory / Eyewear
Entry Description

Glasses are an accessory, showing the wearer’s own attitude.
The streamlined design reflects the personality and conduct of the wearer, becoming maturer and wiser as his/her experience of life grows.
The textures symbolizes desires. The meaning behind is that as people grow up their desires grow as well, and they would come back to live a simple life if one day their minds become mature enough.
The glasses are made of makino bamboo (a species of bamboos in Taiwan) and magnalium. After the treatment of high temperature and carbonization, makino bamboo is consolidated, lightweight, breathable, anti-slip, as well as vaporproof and mothproof.
Magnalium is firm, low-density, and resistant to high pressure, so we could design and manufacture more sophisticated glasses by use of magnalium than by use of other metal material. At the same time, with the characteristic of low density, more sophisticated glasses would not even lose their practicality and mobility.


I come from Taiwan. And I study in the Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of the Oriental Institute of Technology.