Neo Cycling Club Branding

Lead DesignerLin Wei
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Neo Cycling Club is located in Shanghai, specializes in selling Pro level bikes and biking classes. Cyclist bring their own bikes, dismount the back wheel, mount it on their simulation machine, proprietary cycling software simulates slopes, impedence, competition conditions.

We used this opportunity to play with a logo that spins, much like a wheel. Typically logo are locked into a fixed orientation. We made the O in Neo into a hub, from which 'cycling club' spins in 45 degree increments. The difficulty with such a design is two-fold. 1) As a whole the logo is asymetrical, we had to balance it visually with line-weights, and spacing. 2) To bring this idea to life we had to make the different orientations work across different extensions, this took quite a bit of work.

The end result is a logo that looked classy at first glance, but dynamic and suitably sporty across the entire consumer journey.


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