2016 Mighty Big Harvest Promotion

CompanyBrand Communications-Applied Underwriters
Lead DesignerNathan Wells
ClientKathleen Kowall
Project LinkView
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Direct Mail
Entry Description

DMail 1: A box containing unbreakable wine glasses
announced the kickoff of this year’s Mighty Big Harvest
promotion, and partnership between Applied
Underwriters and Castello di Amorosa. The glasses have
the MBH shield on one side, and the Castello di Amorosa
winery on the other. Using photography of the Castello
wine cellar, the box interior created the feel of being in
the winery. The brochure outlined the promotion’s ten
rewards levels, from a bottle of wine to a weekend in
Napa Valley.

DMail 2: We made it fun to learn vino vocabulary with
over 300 magnetic wine terms and a magnetic coaster
for your wine glass. Recipients were encouraged by the
headline “wine terms don’t have to be tricky. Open a
bottle, pour a glass, and find the right words.”

Wine or Wrestling? This interactive game challenged
users with terms that could be associated with either
wine or wrestling.