UpCycling Design wooden Liaison

DesignerSKY, Kam Yat HUI
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

In this project, I would like to provide more job opportunities and provide a good quality skill-set to low-in-come people, disable people and their family by my designed products. We can generate more economy opportunities to them by using leftover or waste recycling material and upgrade them by technology (Laser Cut), Upcycling design, craftsmanship... Product idea - By using my designed wooden liaison, costumer can create their own unique their own bag by re-use their old clothes, used blanket, old tote bag without any stitching for daily use picnic or shopping for any event. The material is collected from wooden wine container box, after polishing, cleaning and craftsmanship by trained Shelter workshop Members/workers. They will be trained by the Workshop and I will guide them to make the product during the process, make sure the product quality and their personal safety. This product can reduce the over-shopping and wasting, it can promote wearable upcycling-design idea.

About Designer

SKY, Kam Yat HUI is a pro-active Design and Media Producer. He already have over 8 design and media production experiences, mainly focusing in visual communication and story narrations. Mr. Hui also has have jointed over 5 exhibitions in Hong Kong, all are by invitation. The Pinhole photography artwork is one of his original artwork to express perspective of visual of Hong Kong. Besides of Photography, he also design and produced his wooden Pinhole camera - PIN-CAM ERA MARK I. This is one of the awarded design works of his collection and the photography captured by the camera is also selected to shown in several exhibition and art event. At present, Mr. Hui is doing his project and working with local shelter workshop, lower income family, under employment people to become the work-force and provide skill set. Then by using Mr. Hui's design to produce a new design collection, in purpose to provide more job opportunities. In the project, Hui will collects wasted materials and apply the classic and traditional craftsmanship during the production, to give another product-life-cycle for them and make them more sustainable to reduce pollution.