The Quest

CompanyStrom Architects Ltd.
Lead DesignerMagnus Strom
ClientMagnus Strom
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

Completed in 2015, this single-storey house suits the
retired clients’ future needs, along with the needs of
their disabled daughter, whilst giving an elegant
solution to a steeply sloping site. The house sits
lightly in its wooded surroundings, and provides
stunning views across the surrounding countryside.
The house exterior consists of exposed waterproof
concrete and larch cladding, and the single volume
cantilevers over a retaining Purbeck stone wall to deal
with the level changes and views and creates a
sheltered parking area. The wood and stone used are
as untouched as possible and the garden is also
mostly un-manicured and designed to be as wild as
possible - this all contributes to the sustainability of
the project, but also to celebrate the honest materials
used. Huge sliding glass panel doors provide a lot of
natural light to flood in, as well as good ventilation in
the summer.