DesignerDario Mottl
Prize3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
Entry Description

The E-360+ is an new E-Mountainbike concept. It was important to use an already existing motor and to integrate it with a rechargeable battery and the entire electronics into a new frame concept. Especially the e-mountain bike represents a symbiosis between man and machine, so it was important for me to put these contrasts together in my design. The lower tube, holding the engine, battery and the whole electronics, is very edge-reinforced and clarifies the power and precision of the engine. The organic, dynamic upper tube symbolizes the man who, like the biker, stretches over the bicycle or the machine and controls it. The rear-mounted system is a simple-held single-link system with a large main bearing, which should be very easy to maintain and, above all, robust. In order to focus on the motor and the technology, the gap between the frame and the battery can be illuminated.