Nerissa Shadows(Ni Xiang Yan Ying)

Lead DesignerBo Lee
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This is a four-floor residential space located in Shenzhen,China.When starting the design,the designer asked him a series of questions like: What is the meaning of home?He thinks that home is not a place of social and formality.After a tough and tired working day,where do you prefer to go,a warmth home or a hotel? Life includes not only luxury,but also comfortable experiences.Home is a place to relax and open to love and be loved; home is a place to collect your own stories, to release your special personality and divsers mood.What kind of living space is the best need of top elites and industry leaders?In this project,we tried to add as much as colorful ,warm and full of Oriental flavor elements to build a warm and sweet,modern and dramatic Oriental style home.The designer named it Nerissa Shadows(Ni Xiang Yan Ying) which means colorful coverings.


Shenzhen Cimax Design Company Limited / Cimax Design Engineering (Hong Kong)Limited Founder & Chief Designer
Shantou University Cheung Kong School of Art and Design & Shantou University Graduate School Joint Education Supervisor
Tsinghua University Soft-mounted and Display Design Senior Training Class Guest Lecturer
Guilin Tourism University Visual Art Department Visiting Professor
The founder and chief designer of Shenzhen Cimax Design Company Limited/Cimax Design Engineering (Hong Kong)Limited,Mr. Bo Li,was born in Shanghai in 1971,he founded Cimax Design Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited in 2004 and together with Ms.Wen Jie led a very young design team to provide customers with a wide range of design services. Following the basic principles of:“Pay every attention to detail,function first,question routine and find new ways to interpret design”.
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