The ONLY Clock

DesignerVadim Kibardin
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

When it comes to design, simplicity is often the best policy. The Only clock was designed as a modern 3D interpretation of a traditional analog wall clock. According to Dieter Rams, good design is as little design as possible. The material world becomes more complex on the inside and streamlined on the outside. Objects lose their massive material body and turn into contours, imaginatively reminiscent of their purpose. Modern technologies allow placing electronics inside the product housing in such a way as needed to turn it into a logically and conceptually sound frame - like symbol. The Only clock is the next step in the evolution of time devices and is based on research in the field of framework technologies. It is the first clock on the mass market with a hollow round face.Be in real time.

About Designer

Vadim Kibardin grew up in Omsk, Russia and graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art’s Industrial Design Department, Ekaterinburg in 1996. In 2000 Vadim established KIBARDINDESIGN studio. He has been involved in the design of a range of different products, from consumer electronics, furniture, and interior settings to film sets. Since 2005 Vadim Kibardin has been living in Prague, where his Kibardindesign studio started production of his own trademarked goods which have been selling worldwide. Kibardin’s approach to design emphasizes both innovation and functionality. He takes the minimalist philosophy of stripping an object to its essentials to a completely new level. By exploring new ideas, materials and technologies, and executing them well, Kibardin’s work is highly artistic, smart and always inspiring. Vadim Kibardin was nominated in the Design section of the 2013 World Technology Awards. These award finalists and nominees are those individuals (in 20 categories) and companies/organizations (in 10 categories) who are—in the opinion of the WTN fellows and founding members, through the awards voting process—producing innovative work of “the greatest likely long-term significance” in their fields. They are those creating the 21st century. According to Wallpaper magazine, Vadim is in the list of 40 designers “who will change the world”, along with Jonathan Eve, Ora Ito, John Maeda, the Bouroullec brothers and other professionals under age 50. Vadim was the only designer to be given the German Chancellor’s grant in the area of industrial design. He has organized and participated in more than 20 personal and group exhibitions. Vadim Kibardin is an inventor, author, scientist, and artisan. His designs bring about a positive social impact, materialize an ideology, and trigger specific human behavior. Most of his time is spent looking for materials or technologies that define the future of humanity.