New city development, Roman's centuriation - Padan Plain, Italy

Lead DesignerLOKOMOTIV.archs office
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Absolute Architecture.

The contemporary debate over themes such as urban analyses, strategies, etc. Is a useful line research, but one that we consider secondary. Architecture is critical – in its intrinsic, formal nature – at a time when its reflects on and consciously revises its instruments and procedures: nothing can explain the nature and significance of architecture better than architecture itself. Architecture is ‘matter’ and architects have to work witch the vocabulary and syntax of matter.
The principal objective of the work was the project of an architectural object not just relevant to the set topic but one that expresses the office position towards the fundamental themes of the composition, design and construction of architecture. At best, the designs produced in a continuum "work in progress" should also formulate in a clear e rigorous manner the exclusive use of architectural language, new paradigms in which a renewal of the discipline is glimpsed


LOKOMOTIV.archs office - LKMV is a multidisciplinary Practice devoted to design in all of dimensions and scales. The primary ideal of the practice is based on the analysis of global elements, a process that consists of different approaches to the dynamic behavior of contemporary society, the flow of the economy and the cultural development. The LKMV has collaborated with recognized offices like Aurelio Galfetti, Mario Botta, Elia Zenghelis and Peter Zumthor. Founded by Anita Bulloni & Alberto Julio Fresco (Master of Science in Architecture degree from the Universita della Svizzera Italiana – M Sc arch. USI), further expanded with the inclusion of Juan Manuel Campopiano (M Sc arch. USI) in 2005.
Throughout the process we have developed a standard of quality and aesthetic-cultural versatility, which creates interpretation of our work, creativity and experience. The technology broadens the picture to us with new solutions and aesthetic quality, taking advantage of new techniques and processes to develop a critical-futuristic vision for the changing needs of contemporary society. The identity of year unfolds with converging parts of society as the events in the city or bodily movements, analysis, which is linked by digital media and decisions supported by advisers of sustainable design, structural, aesthetic, functional and constructive criteria.