CompanyAS Design collaboration with K11
Lead DesignerFour Lau (Creative Director) & Sam Sum (Art Director)
ClientSam Sum
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Numerous green artistic elements have been applied to
vitalize the K11 Art Mall, and at the same time create a
platform in the mall for everyone to interact in various
aspects. The other purpose of the design is to present a
brand new, interesting lifestyle. In this new zone project,
K11 collaborated with AS design team to build a "Modern
The design of the project regards the new zone as a
"Terrarium", and all the customers get to experience being
inside. A great variety of natural materials including plants,
moss, sand rocks and animal sculpted decorations have
been employed, which brim the space with an atmosphere
of both nature and artistic style. Customers get to
experience how living in the micro-ecological system feels
like. In this system, the connection between people and the
nature is more tight. It is also a self-sufficient community
where Art, People and Nature coexist.


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