Lead DesignerNeda Zamani
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

CubeCell is a set of modular jewelry in Cubism style. Two features link this product to the Cubism style. The first feature is a form inspired by nature and the shape of living cells at the time of cell division, which is represented geometrically. The second feature is the ability of disassembling and reassembling parts inspired by the collage technique in the works of cubism painters. Providing a sense of diversity to users is what distinguishes this product, because users can design their ornaments by putting the pieces together. The pieces are connected through magnetic sheets and cubes, which are locked as male-female and provide strong connections to prevent unwanted separation. The material of the main body is made of white gold and rose gold, and users can experience a diverse mix of earrings, pendants and rings.


Neda was born in 1993 in Isfahan, Iran. She studied biology in high school and then continued her education in the field of arts. She holds an undergraduate degree in industrial design from Alzahra University. Due to great interest in jewelry design, she began learning about 3D design software and 3D printing devices. Her background in biology and familiarity with the biological and cellular issues of organisms has been effective in some of her designs and concepts, such as CubeCell.