Jadeia Jewellery

CompanyKraphic Studio
Lead DesignerKev Wong
ClientKev Wong
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Jadeia Jewellery, a new brand that established by a second-generation jeweler, requested a
logo identity that shows its family business heritage in diamond and jade. Its retail
store is locating in urban district – Central, Hong Kong; and targeting mid-age lifestyle
wearers who are willing to wear jewellery as daily accessory.

The approach for the brand logo is conveying the relationship between wearer and
jewellery. By the shape of the diamond, jade, gemstone, and design of the jewellery, will
reflect the wearer’s personality differently. The logo mark idea comes from the
diamond-cut diagram, hold by a circle jade shape to represented its brand history. With an
Old English decorative type style as the “J” initial gives the brand with heritage perception.


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