Toro + KO

DesignerBishop Design LLC
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Toro + Ko is to be located within City Walk 2, Dubai and operated by the renowned Meraas group. The interior is set over two levels and allows the clientele to seamlessly travel both visually and physically between its differing provocative interior. Surfaces and finishes within leave one in visual awe. The incorporation of bold graphics and bespoke commissioned artworks are at the heart of the space. Floors are fluid yet visually dynamic and create a link between floors whereas ceilings are stripped back and adorned by bespoke decorative and technical lighting enhancing the interiors unique atmosphere. The open kitchen, beer dispenser and martini cocktail bar provide the visual theatrics within as they too become the nucleus of the interiors physicality including materials such as cold rolled steel, concrete rendered surfaces, cracked leathers, bespoke fire glazed tiles, chicken wire glass were all used to provide the ultimate visual experience.

About Designer

Founded by Paul Bishop in 2004, Bishop Design L.L.C. has continuously completed projects across the entire MENA region as well as internationally. An excellent and award-winning portfolio of Commercial, Hospitality, Retail and Residential projects have been secured through recommendation, referral and repeat business – a true endorsement of the company’s abilities. The success is mainly owed to the dedication and personal touch that is applied to each and every project executed.