Taby Municipality Building

CompanyWhite Arkitekter AB
Lead Designer
ClientRobert Schmitz
Project LinkView
Prize(s)1st Place in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

The new municipal building of Täby is an open and
welcoming space. All meetings between residents and the
municipality are located at the entrance level. A
prominent reception also functions as information and
support centre for Täby residents.

The entrance hall is open to the upper floors, allowing
activities of the Municipal Building to be highly visible. Set
back from the roof is the penthouse which provides a
separate space for internal gatherings and houses the
dining space and exercise area.

The façade consists of a glass system with structural
glacing for maximum transparency and openness. To
prevent insolation and to create character, the building
has been fitted with external sun protection slats made of
brass which has a very low carbon footprint in the life-
cycle perspective.

Täby’s new Municipal Building is designed with the
highest aim for sustainability, creating a new democratic
heart for the inhabitants of the city.