a bridge between two epochs

Lead DesignerYasmin P. Karim
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This Art Book communicates the uniqueness and importance of the works of His
Highness Aga Khan III.

To compile accurate documentation specifically the time line.
Every step was taken to highlight the enormous activities and achievements
in individual sections of the book, including personal interviews for oral traditions,
archival materials such as new papers, video clips and personal accounts.

Original source material of His Highness Aga Khan III was used to highlight the value
of his teachings. Identifying relevant photos and individuals with private collections was
a connecting delight. This process unfolded interesting stories and resulted in a great
collection of photos.


Yasmin P. Karim born in Arusha, Tanzania with the backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro, currently works and lives in Vancouver BC, Canada. She is communication designer, non-narrative experimental director, animator, has been actively making and exhibiting art for sixteen years. Her filmography includes short film My Mountain, 7 Cycles, and AMPIA award-winning SIJJIL and OPPO. Yasmin inspires audiences with her organic process using the principles of nature. Her approach combines the physical science and spiritual science together with opposites states such as living
and inanimate creates symbolic art

Awards and Prize

1998, Best Director, OPPO, AMPIA Rosie Award, Calgary/Canada
1996, Best Animation, Sijjil , AMPIA Rosie Award, Calgary/Canada
1994, Bronze, Al-Hamdu li’llah Posters, Summit International Awards, Portland/USA