Motel Morris

ClientJessica Corr
DesignerTourmaline: Jessica Corr, Ricardo Fernandez, Minako Koyama
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Motel Morris is an American restaurant with a nod to the classics located in Manhattan. Occupying a corner storefront, the scope was to create a restaurant that was immediately welcoming and quintessentially New York. The 60 seat restaurant is a casual but elegant neighborhood place to match the informal yet focused attention to food and wine. The design team created an atmosphere that is intimate and contemporary, using a range of rich materials, custom lighting, and clever details. A central feature of the restaurant is a deep blue lacquered bar allowing vantage points to the open kitchen. A Carrara marble and mirrored service island with up-lighted bottles provides a unique back-bar scene. Adorning the bar are custom designed lamps offering a soft glow and adding a new twist to the nostalgia of great literary bars of New York City. Solid mahogany millwork and velvet banquettes are contrasted with white Carrara marble and brass accents, completing the warm and comfortable vibe.