The Alef Residences W Hotel Signature Apartment - Dubai, UAE

CompanyBishop Design Studio FZ - LLC
ClientEllen Bishop
DesignerEllen Bishop
Entry Description

Our Design for the Signature Apartment in “W Hotel” on Palm Jumeirah showcases a glamorous Dining & Bar area where people can mingle and dine in a luxurious atmosphere. The Bar features a stunning design mixing suede, metal, mirror and feature marble. The decorative lighting and bespoke bar with the traditional wooden herringbone floor represents an interesting mix. Italian furniture and exquisite wallpaper, combined with custom- made installations creates an opulent yet elegant atmosphere. The Main Living space offers an interactive way of entertaining through its mix of seating arrangements. Textured wallpaper and luxury marbles mixed with the elegance of the fireplace, seating and grand piano truly reflects the desirability of these Apartments. The Master Suite boasts a generous bedroom space where we have combined lounging, resting and vanity all in one. Our feature pieces here are an oversized bespoke headboard, combined with textured wallpaper, leather storage and gorgeous satin cladding.