China Zheshang Bank

Company Shikatani Lacroix Design, MetaThink
DesignerShikatani Lacroix
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

CZ Bank’s new immersive branch of the future is a hub of both conventional banking and digital services that begins with the customer at the center of the experience. Shikatani Lacroix partnered with MetaThink to design a new channel strategy and branch experience that leveraged CZ Bank's new identity and brand position. Pioneering a blend of AR, VR and neuroscience, emotional response testing drove the design of the new branch. Digital experiences help attract and retain customers along the path to purchase. Unique architectural elements with interactive queuing stations help customers navigate the branch. Tablets and digital learning zones with curved screens and gesture controlled interactivity help educate customers. VR zones let customers experience a virtual banking concierge or relax in a beautiful park setting. The new branch also features a VIP banking and wealth management area with premium finishes, comfortable seating and real-time financial information and news.