Lead Designer
ClientYves Behar
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Cities such as London, Seattle, San Francisco, and most
urban centers globally are seeing an influx of young
professionals. And yet, those urban centers are also
becoming more expensive and more condensed. The
question ORI is tackling is: can we utilize robotic
technology to accommodate a living room, bedroom,
closet and office space in a small 200-300 square feet

ORI is a groundbreaking startup out of MIT Media Lab
that has developed robotic furniture and architecture
that can transform itself at the touch of a button.
Installed into studios or one bedroom apartments, the
ORI unit glides on magnetic actuators with a gentle push,
or remotely through the corresponding app. One ORI unit
can turn a studio or one bedroom apartment into a full-
size bedroom, living room, office and closet - essentially
tripling the usability of a small living space