Movado Edge Signature Edition

ClientYves Behar
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The Movado Edge collection is an evolution of the iconic Museum Dial watch, Movado’s brand emblem that was created for MoMA. Edge elevated the Museum Dial design through dimensionality - a stamped watch face creates a valley that draws the eye. For the Special Edition watch, the goal was to celebrate the minute details that comprise Edge through material and process innovation. The surface of the face is made of stainless steel with a sandblast finish to create an organic and random texture, reminiscent of lava rock, hinting at nature while adding depth to the watch’s dial. To accentuate the beautiful new texture, we’ve added color options including a stunning new shade of blue we call ‘Deep Blue.’ The bezel contains a color accent with rose gold detailing; the rose gold is also applied to the volcanic dot, and extended to the watch screws.