The Finest

ClientWynnie Soo
DesignerIDEAS PEOPLE PTE LTD Calvin Lim, Soo Wynnie
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The “Finest” edition of Soggiorno range of Furnitures that was designed to reposition conventional furniture to a finest lifestyle. This 36-pages catalogue were designed with 3 principles in mind - the tone, the voice and the experience. - The tone : overall aesthetic, minimalist feel that identify with the product itself. - The voice : getting the voice heard. The overall concept of the design is aligned to - the tone. - The experience : feel and experience the finest products. The finest lifestyle every customer deserves, therefore the “finest” edition catalogue is the perfect name to present to Consumers.

About Designer

IDEAS PEOPLE – Creative Agency Singapore. We believe individual branding and campaign is visually unique, radical and emotionally powerful. From every Advertising to Branding campaign we had crafted, you will find each brand message is uniquely different and radical. Every detail with elements of fun is spice up in all the communication and graphic design work we have created. This is why we are constantly seeking the most creative ideas and awesome campaigns for our valued clients. We value our PEOPLE who take pride in materializing these ideas and producing awesome campaigns that meet our clients’ marketing objectives. Above all, we are a bunch of fun-loving creatives and if you look close enough, there is always an element of fun in the work that we do. This is our playground, where we work…we play!