The Pavilia Bay

DesignerRuth Chao
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

New World Development, a leading conglomerate in Hong Kong focusing on property and infrastructure, collaborated with INDICUBE to create a website to promote their latest major project. Inspired by super yacht designer, Philippe Briand, The Pavilia Bay is a sea residing luxury residential property. To emulate the voyage of The Pavilia Bay, the website is based on a serene blue canvas with abundant use of full width photos capturing the essence of a broadening horizon. Elements load as one scrolls down, gently evoking a sense of tranquility and continuous discovery. While advancing through this mesmerising journey, information flow into place and spinning ship wheel buttons allow navigation within sections. These interactive elements enhance user experience through a journey unique to each user. INDICUBE successfully met NWD’s business objective by promoting The Pavilia Bay through an innovative and interactive concept, fully gauging buyers’ attention while simultaneously delivering information clearly and directly.

About Designer

With a clear direction towards the modern and innovative, Ruth Chao launched her career in the world of design at British Vogue and honed her skills at Lane Crawford and I.T Apparels - where she designed for multiple brands and institutions, from Maison Martin Margiela to Isbabel Marant, ACNE, Victoria Beckham, The Met Gala, and Stella McCartney - as well as working with the Oscar-nominated art director, William Chang Suk Ping. This exposure to different realms of design has inspired an all-rounded dimension to her work. In 2014, Chao and her partner Antonia Li, co-founded INDICUBE, a dynamic creative agency based in Hong Kong. As the Creative Director, Chao leads the team to provide a range of other creative services, including brand identity, graphic design, website/app design and development. In the short 1.5 years since its founding, they have worked with over twenty clients spanning twelve industries in nine countries, including Estée Lauder, Mr Porter, New World Development, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Cle De Peau, Hypebeast and more. Drawing from her psychology degree at the University of Bristol, Chao has a deep understanding of the consumer psyche and uses it to translate clients’ desires into successful visual communication.