CompanyMogas Arquitectes
Lead DesignerMarc Mogas and Jordi Roig
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Prize(s)1st Place in Architecture Categories / Low cost housing
Entry Description

This small house in the Pyrenees was built under two costumer impositions: the wooden construction and the budget, 100.000€.
Under these premises, the project is designed as a cabin in the forest with simple building technique .
The construction is placed to chop down the least number of trees . The layout gives generous dimensions to the living room in detriment of the bedrooms to promote family life.
Intending to control the cost, we decided to minimize land excavation, to prefabricate the dwelling and to reduce auxiliary means on site.
The project was thought up to be transported by road in 3 modules: 1rst unit for bedrooms, 2nd unit for the living room, and a 3rd unit for the Kitchen roof.
The house is supported by pinewood balloon frames filled with rock wool insulation panels and covered by a wooden ventilated facade.
To avoid a rough result, gutters and window frames were detailed as a constructive decorum.