Elizabeth Quay Bridge

CompanyArup Associates
Lead DesignerNick Birmingham
ClientNick Birmingham
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Elizabeth Quay Bridge, designed by architects in Arup Associates London, in collaboration with Arup
engineers in Perth, is an elegant pedestrian and cycling bridge that spans the inlet of the Swan River in
central Perth. The bridge is effectively a gateway to the central business district, its curvaceous form visually
linking the river with the city.

The concept design was driven by the team’s desire to achieve a form for the bridge that respected the
masterplan, and used its location to advantage, while achieving the aesthetic and functional briefs. A striking
architectural feature, the design of the bridge is everything the client sought to achieve in terms of simple and
pure structural forms, complemented by a rationalised modular architecture to the fascia finishes,
balustrading and timber decking. The design solution overcame every technical and construction challenge
while ensuring the bridge’s visual appeal was at the forefront of the design.