NV War Game Dining Table

CompanyHottoh Design Pte Ltd
Lead DesignerMervyn Toh
ClientMervyn Toh
Prize(s)3rd Place in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

An avid war gamer, the client allows his passion to co-exist
with his pragmatic life stage. Clarity of his idealism attracted
the designer to dive into creating this unique table. Multi-
functional technical design and construction of the table
have been well-thought-out to fit this bachelor pad. By
removing the table top, it unfolds into a “War Gaming”
table. It is designed ergonomically to match a normal dining
table height as well as the standing height of the gamers
when overlooking at their War Game. Creative yet practical,
the base leg of table unveils to a full set of functions –
“un¬load” two completely functional gaming chests that
users can keep spare military inventories and can be
wheeled away anywhere easily for ease of movement. A
basic object is taken to the next level by complementing it
with hobby and lifestyle, to create this aesthetically simple
yet fun and functional furniture piece.


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