The Family Carpet L

CompanyHottoh Design Pte Ltd
Lead DesignerMervyn Toh
ClientMervyn Toh
Prize(s)2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Textiles/Floor Coverings
Entry Description

The Family Carpet L is the marriage of modern and
traditional rug work. The designers tactfully embraced a
beige palette with contemporary design approach. Specially
designed, personalised and customised for this family, it
bears the initials “L” of the family name. A fine hand-knotted
Nepalese weave piece, using 100% hand-spun bamboo silk,
it is traditionally produced using the same methods and
principles of Persian-made rugs under the supervision of the
Nishaburi family who has been producing fine hand-knotted
carpets and rugs for nearly three centuries. The yarn uses
the “tie & dye” dyeing method to give it the textured look.
The combination of colours, material and modern design
presents a soothing ambiance. By matching it with the beige
leather sofa set and bronze-mirrored coffee tables, the
overall effect is comfort and subtle elegance of this
penthouse’s family sitting area.


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