Alto sectional sofa

CompanyHalo Creative & Design
ClientTimothy Oulton
DesignerTimothy Oulton
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The super-slouchy Alto sectional sofa pairs exceptional comfort and functionality with customization. The different modules allow you to create anything from a sofa to a corner group, while the timber armrest modules are designed to fit seamlessly between the seating modules, like a side table. This allows you to lounge and enjoy your drinks or snacks without ever having to reach towards the coffee table, creating an uninterrupted comfort experience and total relaxation. Perfect to maroon yourself on for the weekend. The inner construction features a top feather layer, with a firmer fibre layer beneath designed to give more support, which is crucial to another design factor-your choice of seating position. Alto is designed both to be lounged in, with a generous seat depth of 128cms, or you can sit in a more upright position with your legs entirely on the seat. Finished in soft and durable Woven Linen.