The Shore Club

CompanyEoA Group
ClientMalcolm Berg
DesignerMalcolm Berg
Entry Description

Our intention was to start with the open space - to create a series of patios, a garden which happened to host a series of disparate functions. To bring what would usually be thought of as separate spaces together, to allow them to speak to each other in familiar, non-hierarchical terms. We relied on the fluidity of space, on the dematerialization of walls, to unify the experience. To create personalized environments, experientially rich interstitial spaces. By keeping it pure and reductive, mostly devoid of ornamentation yet rich in experience, we aimed to redefine the palace. By blending Architecture, Landscape, and Interiors into a seamless experience we aimed to redefine the concept of what we ultimately seek in luxury. The pool, restaurant, courtyard and ballroom are contiguous. The courtyard’s the mediator, the bar’s the anchor.

About Designer

We believe in taking Architecture and Design to the edge, in exploring and unifying the boundaries of all the design disciplines which shape our surroundings and populate our senses. We believe Landscape, Art and Architecture are meant to establish dialogues that are not only visual, tactile and generally sensorial, but also inextricably emotional. We aim to blur the conventional margins denoting interior and exterior spaces, to embrace literal and theoretical thresholds and apply them in a fluidly cinematic experience. We seek to be challenged with problems requiring innovation, to be engaged