Black Youth Alive

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The role of the video infographic was to show, through numbers, why the campaign exists and why it is necessary to sign the manifesto and to bring society’s attention to the theme. Data were collected from the Mapa da Violência Brasileira (Brazilian Violence Map) and reports of the United Nations. The infographics script was developed by Datadot Estúdio in a partnership with Amnesty International. Besides the script, Datadot also developed the concept, storytelling, design and animation. The results exceeded expectations: in few days, the infographic video was shared thousands of times and generated thousands of signatures for the manifesto. In 7 months, it was viewed over 17 thousand times on the Anistia Internacional Brasil channel on YouTube. Those infographics were translated into Spanish and English.

About Designer

Datadot is a design studio focused on infographics and data visualization. We convert complex data, drafts and information into simple, beautiful and high-impact visual content.