NAA Event Invitation

DesignerAlecia Lewis
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

USE: This direct mail invitation was designed for concert/event hosted by for customers attending the NAA Conference (National Apartment Association). INSPIRATION: The entertainment: Zac Brown Band. The pop-up elements are exact matches to what the band wears/plays. The piece also features the green and the Atlanta skyline where the event is being held. FUNCTIONALITY: The invitation arrives flat (in envelope pictured) and springs into position standing roughly 14" tall and 11" wide. Upon opening, it automatically plays a few seconds of one of their most popular songs. It's paired with a ticket which has a custom code they enter online to RSVP and is stylistically synonymous with a concert ticket. The ticket is adhered to the clear cover. The cover acts as a shell, holding it into the flat position until opened.