DesignerJoe Michie (Global Creative Director), Ian Fraiser (Sr. Art Director), Elle Finn (Graphic Designer), April Southerland (Graphic Designer), Alex Boyd (Copywriter), Kyle Mathews (Social Media Specialist), Brittany Phillips (Freelance Graphic Designer)
PrizeHonorable Mention
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We were challenged with developing and producing the book Blindspots. The client was excited about the concept of a white cover and blind emboss. When he understood we were die cutting a hole to represent "spot" in Blindspots he was delighted.

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We are the global creative arm of our nonprofit ministry, the Center for Mission Mobilization, serving multiple ministry brands and products. We're an in-house team dedicated to the vision of our ministry and excellence in applied design. We specialize in marketing, advertising, product development, and having serious fun.