Royole Moon

CompanyRoyole Corporation
Lead DesignerBill Liu
ClientChao Jiang
Project LinkView
Prize(s)1st Place in Media And Home Electronics / Consumer electronics and cameras
Entry Description

Royole Moon, designed and engineered for movies,
gaming, and more, combines two Full HD 1080p
AMOLED displays at over 3000 ppi resolution that
simulate a giant 800” curved screen with stereoscopic
3D, and active noise-cancelling headphones. The
combination delivers cinematic movie-watching and
immersive gaming experiences anywhere the wearer

Moon’s design is truly innovative and unlike any other
within its category due to Royole’s patented foldable
design (the world’s first in a headset), ultra-soft
headphone covers, and a premium breathable eye cover
to ensure comfort, even after long periods of continuous
use. It’s uniquely designed to be both portable and
elegant, while delivering the highest quality visual and
audio experience. Royole has filed for over 100 patents
and know-hows in the mechanical design of Moon alone.
Moon was created using the highest quality materials
and comes in three stunning colors: black, white, and